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"Your perceptions are creative in nature"

"It’s vital to remember that your perceptions are creative in nature — if you define something as negative, that’s the message your brain receives and responds to by creating an emotional state to reinforce that reality. Your happiness lies in reframing events to accept what is and let go of what you cannot control."
-Lorna Bevan

I honestly believe that meditation is the answer - there are so many different types of meditation out there and you are bound to find one that resonates for you. The one that I keep going back to (Vipassana/Mindfulness) is all about learning to be equanimous. It's body scanning and observing without reacting with emotional charge, because if you observe you can see that there is an ebb and flow to everything.

Nothing is still, everything is energy in motion. So if things change constantly and if you give your energy to every thought and everything that happens around you, you are bound to become utterly exhausted! Meditation has helped me to have a clearer head and make wiser choices around where I place my energy and how I define things. It allows me to hear my inner voice.

Of course, I use sound on a daily basis to clear away any fog that has built up in my field, in my body, my mind or emotions. Every time I work with a client, there is always a level within me that is also cleared. For this I am grateful.

How do you connect to yourself and that inner voice that is all knowing?

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