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Elements CD

Elements CD


Elements CD

Recorded on a windy day in the Pure Sound Studio in North Wales.

On the New Moon just a couple of days before the Autumn Equinox; the elements were intent on joining in. Elements offers you new beginnings and transformation through sound, whether it is peace, stillness, calm, vitality, rejuvenation or healing that you are in search of, your system will absorb the frequencies which are perfect for re-balancing you in this moment.


Track 1 Settling and letting go - Himalayan Singing bowls


Track 2 Departure - Quartz Bowls


Track 3 Entering other dimensions - The Earth, Sun, Platonic Year, Moon, Wind, Uranus and Sound Creations Earth Gong


Track 4 Becoming whole - Grounding - chimes, Ocean Drum, oak shaker & Mother Nature

£11 including postage and packaging

  • Important!

    Do not listen to this in the car or when operating machinery!

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