The use of rhythm in sound healing can restore a normal and natural pulse within a person. Native Indians use drumming to produce rhythm which they say represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Others say that rhythm is the pulse of life and that steady and directed rhythms can trigger a similar response within the body’s natural rhythm. Research has shown that listening to Baroque music has benefited those with heart conditions, as it balances and soothes the rate of the heartbeat. The heart beat is encouraged to pulse at around 60 beats per minute (a healthy heart beats at 57 beats per minute when rested).  Beethoven once said



He that divines the secret of my music is freed from the unhappiness that haunts the whole world of men.”


A recent study by cardiologist and researcher Professor Peter Sleight, from the University of Oxford, showed that hearing a repeated 10 second rhythm found in various music compositions, particularly by Verdi, coincided exactly with changes in blood pressure that reduce the heart rate.


According to David Bohm (the Aharonov–Bohm effect), when exciting metal by playing the gong, electrons become highly charged electromagnetically and form an energy field in which the client is included. Metal is the only material known where electrons leave their atoms and join other atoms, so when the activity of the gong ends, the electrons go back to their original atoms. This is a contributing factor to why clients often feel a buzz when they walk away following a sound healing.


Music can calm the nervous system but equally a faster rhythm can serve to energise and increase blood flow in the body.  A slower tempo impacts on our breath, as well as the heart pulsations, and is also known to affect all organs in the human body, through entrainment. 


The whole body is made up of different rhythms, pulses and waves; heart rate, breath, brainwaves and stomach contractions to name a few. Drum rhythms can trigger resonance within our own biological rhythms. A repetitive drumming rhythm, for example used by Shamans during spiritual journeying, will slow our brain rhythm down, encouraging a meditative and trance like state. During a state of heighten consciousness, the body’s self-healing system can kick in to restore balance and harmony.


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