The Science of Sound

Einstein’s law of energy attracting and connecting with energy in his famous E=mc2 equation describes exactly this, so if energy impacts on energy, this means that one object can actually set another object to vibrate at the same rate. This is called entrainment.  Whilst working on the design of pendulum clocks in 1665, Huygens discovered that when two were placed a short distance away from one another, their pendulums would eventually swing together at the same rate. Two vibrations had locked together as the stronger vibration had influenced the weaker one. It’s the same for the body; entrainment happens because, at a cellular level, the energy field of that matter has undergone a change, which the scientists call chaos.










Chaos can sometimes be felt during a sound treatment. Clients have talked about feeling “energy pops”, heat or cold transfers, shivers, tingling and “fizzing”. These sensations are caused by the application of the sound vibration to that area of the body and entrainment taking place. The sensations even out once the cells are vibrating at the same frequency and clients often talk about a sense of relief, relinquish or relaxation once that point is reached.


On a larger scale, and in everyday life, entrainment is demonstrated through women who live together and experience their periods at the same time.  This can also be experienced in a choir, when the stronger voice lifts you to a higher energy. Similarly, when a “middle C” tuning fork is struck and the lid of a piano is lifted, the corresponding piano wire begins to softly vibrate, even though the key on the piano had not been pressed.


Science has taken the concept of entrainment further with the introduction of specific sonic frequencies delivered through Sonic technology such as the Hemi-sync (developed from Robert Monroe’s findings into brainwave synchronization). The medium of sound is now routinely used by Health Providers to treat conditions such as kidney and gallstones, to promote soft tissue healing and scan babies in the womb. Cellular research by Fabien Maman has also shown that blasting cancer cells with specific frequencies of sound is a uninvasive way of treating cancer (see also  www.thetruthaboutcancer.com).


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