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My Story

I experienced my first Gong bath back in 2012.

It completely blew me away ~ I felt physical sensations, saw colours and images in my mind’s eye, I even left my body and felt like I was floating in a timeless space. I felt like all my stresses, exhaustion, aches and pains had disappeared. What the what?? How is that even possible?? I was foxed!


At the time I was a teaching in the NHS and juggling family life. I became obsessed with researching how on earth sound could make me react in such a way and after some time, much reading and a few gong baths later, I decided to study with the College of Sound Healing (CoSH) for a few years and qualified as a Sound (Voice) and Gong Practitioner in 2015. Looking back at how busy life was then, I honestly have no idea how I managed to study, work and keep the family going, but somehow it just worked and I later took a big deep breath and left the NHS to work as a self employed Sound Therapist full time.  

Having established Pure Sound and working with individuals and groups, led me to becoming a Past Life Regression therapist – so many people were experiencing flashes and full on memories from past lives during the gong baths, that to further support and guide them on their healing journey, I studied and trained in this field. Its one of the most exciting treatments, guiding someone deep into their subconscious mind, and serves mainly to help alleviate a sense of feeling stuck or changing unexplained patterns of behaviour or emotions in this life. Of course some just love to find out who they were in other lives and it helps them to accept parts of their character today.

I went on to discover the wonder of Biofield Tuning (working in the client’s energy field to alleviate unprocessed emotions from life experiences) at the CoSH annual conference a few years ago. I found myself traveling to America to learn this method of sound therapy soon after (I am currently the only one in Wales working with this technique). This is a very popular treatment with my clients, who tell me that this is “amazing”, “liberating” and “life changing”.


More recently I have begun teaching Gong Therapy for the College of Sound Healing, helping Gong enthusiasts to safely work with these powerful tools and offer group and individual Gong Baths to the people around them.


Now I happily serve the people of North Wales with my work. in person and I also deliver weekly Gong baths, and individual Past Life Regression and Biofield Tuning treatments online from my little studio in Mynydd Llandegai to clients from all over the UK and beyond.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information or to book a treatment with me.

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