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Steph has a natural ability to relax and calm people. The sessions are excellent, well organisaed, relaxing and give you time for yourself.

My first experience of a sound bath, amazing, another healing experience, throughly enjoyed it and will come again.

I love the treatments and Steph is both skilled and supportive. I would encourage you to try it for yourself. Sound baths are amazing. X

Everytime is different, but everytime is amazing!

Steph's sessions have helped me so much with every day stress both personal and at work

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What will happen?

You will be invited to lie on a yoga mat, with cushions and blankets for comfort. The session will normally last for an hour. This is a time of non-doing and total relaxation in which you will be bathed in sound waves.


Click on the links for helpful hints and tips including guidance for self care after a gong bath and my Privacy Policy:

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My tools


I am currently working with:

38" Sun Gong, 38" Earth Gong, 38" Symphonic, 36" Water Gong, 32" Platonic Year Earth Gong, 28" Sound Creations Earth Gong, 24" Full Moon Gong, 24" Uranus Gong, 26" Jupiter Sun Gong, 26" Venus Gong and a 28" Wind Gong, Burmese nipple and Burmese spinning gongs

Other therapeutic instruments including Quartz singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, a sansula, an ocean drum, a shruti box, koshi wind chimes, ocean drum, cactus rain stick, nutshell shakers, tingshaw bells, Peruvian rattles, an oak shaker, seed shakers and bamboo leaf rattles.

Check out my YouTube Channel just below for bite sized meditations and sound sessions........

Pure Sound

Pure Sound

Pure Sound
Gong Bath Relaxation and Sound Meditation for May 2024

Gong Bath Relaxation and Sound Meditation for May 2024

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Gong Bath Relaxation April 2024

Gong Bath Relaxation April 2024

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Gong Relaxation for March 2024

Gong Relaxation for March 2024

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Gong Sound relaxation for February 2024

Gong Sound relaxation for February 2024

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What the clients say.......



Experiences range from different physical sensations, to meditative and dream-like/trance states as well as mental or emotional shifts. Every Sound Bath is different for each individual, dependant on what you are going through at the present moment. It is important to be aware that each experience, however challenging, is a response to energy shifting and many feel a deep sense of relaxation, clarity and upliftment, after the session.


My Story - How Sound Baths have helped people........

Meet Julie Evans.

Julie is a postlady and was first introduced to the gongs by her husband. Julie has

been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory condition which can be

extremely painful. Julie says that the sound supports her with her condition because

“It helps me relax and unwind “.


Introducing Elaine Marianne Hughes

Elaine works as a counsellor and heard about the Sound Baths through a friend.

The sessions have impacted my life in a very positive way.  I used to attend quite

sporadically – but now I am dedicated to attending on a monthly basis – because

of the positive outcomes for me for my physical and mental well being. I was diagnosed

formally by a consultant with Fibromyalgia about two years ago. Its a complicated

condition compromising a whole range of symptoms including chronic fatigue,

insomnia, stiffness, anxiety, irritable bladder / bowel, depression – and each individual

will experience different aspects of this condition. Being such an active person –

a ‘doer’ made me live in denial of it for the first year – but this gave me a big struggle

mentally.  Attending the Sound Baths has definitely helped – the tranquillity and relaxation

I experience has been greatly beneficial. .......




Introducing Carys Hughes-Love

Carys has been working as a Nurse for 28 years and is often faced with stressful

situations. “I was tired, insomnia was getting the better of me, and my menopause

symptoms were getting me down.  I was anxious about silly little things and found

myself encountering increasing physical pain”. I suppose that I was hoping that taking

this time to invest in me and my health would result in me being able to function

better, having better clarity of mind, being able to sleep and me more “settled” and

comfortable in myself. I felt warm and felt the tones emitting from these beautiful

instruments (which Steph later explained to me are hand beaten).. There is only one

word to describe this…. BLISSFUL.  I was engulfed in the sounds of the gongs.. so

much so that my sister complained to me at the end that I was snoring!!!The Gongs are like protectors and they envelope you in their warmth and create like a safety blanket around you.  The tones form the Gongs are so smooth- like silk and so well rounded like a good lovely red wine.  The warmth of the snuggly comfort blanket of

the Gongs was so welcoming…..




This is Medi Vaughan Wilkinson

Medi is a translator, who was introduced to the Gongs by a good friend.

I have always had time for alternative forms of healing. During my teenage years I

practiced meditation and showed a keen and interest in self care and natural

healing. I would further develop an interest in ASMR and guided relaxation. The

idea of Gong Baths naturally peaked my interest and having listened to my friend

talk about her amazing session I decided to give it a try!

My experience during a Gong bath was feelings of warmth, safety and inner peace.

I find the low lighting immensely comforting alongside Steph’s gentle voice. The

gongs have a beautiful pulse and depth that washes over you like waves, like

beautiful light bubbles that transport you into a place of peace. I have never

experienced 12 strangers relax and drift away together like this. It was quite magical

I have to say!




Introducing Peter Jones

Peter is a retired Special Needs Teacher and now teaches Yoga, facilitates Reiki and is

an End of Life Doula.

I have been enjoying exploring Sound in a variety of ways, Naked Voice, Toning, Kirtan

and Mantra, Soundscape, using Tibetan Singing Bowls, experiencing a Gong Bath,

with it especially being on my doorstep, was a natural progression. Aside from the

pure enjoyment of such an experience, I always go with an openness to receive the

resonance of the sounds, relax deeply, and allow my body, mind, emotions and spirit

to be bathed by the sounds and the “ magic” they work!

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