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Past Life Regression Therapy

"I recently had a regression with Steph which has really helped bring some clarity and understanding to the way I react with regards to both past and present events and brought me much deeper insight into my character and my role in life. Steph is very professional with a deeply caring and nurturing disposition. I felt relaxed and comfortable through the whole session and would highly recommend her."


More and more often I find that my clients are experiencing past lives in some form during a sound bath, particularly with the Earth Gong. It felt like a natural decision to chose to develop and continue my professional development by training to offer Past Life Regressions to support my clients and delve deeper into whatever has bubbled up to the surface to be released. I have not been disappointed; everyone experiences a journey on some level which has helped them in their life today. Personally I have been fascinated by past lives for many years and my own journeys have been rich, deep and life changing.

Perhaps you have found yourself on this page as you are curious in discovering some past life adventures? Or maybe in this life you are experiencing a pattern; something keeps happening to you and you just dont know why.....

Why Past Life Regression?

Using Past Life Regression Therapy, there is the potential to connect to experiences from previous incarnations which may still be impacting on your life today. During these sessions clients talk about a deep knowing and a deep recognition of people, places and events which have been influencing patterns of behaviours and issues in the present time. There are many things to be gained from exploring these deep parts of the inner self – relationship issues, fears, recognition of other people and places can all be explained by Past Life Regression.

What happens in a session?

You sit in a comfortable chair and I will guide you into a deep level of relaxation, using visualisation and meditation, which will by pass the conscious mind and allow us to access the past life information from the subconscious mind. Everyone experiences their journey into deep relaxation and into the altered state differently but you are always safe and fully in control throughout. This deep, tranquil state is pleasant and enjoyable. Some say that it feels like they are in a dream like state. Throughout the session you will lead the way as I ask you questions about what you are experiencing. Once we come across the significant events we will work together using different healing modalities to dissolve any promises, contracts or residual energies that have been carried over into this life that are no longer valid.

If you are ready, together we can enter a journey into your past lives, to reveal what is needed and to gently support and heal the inner self.

Burst of Light

Past Life Regression Session

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: £100 per session

The Session

Communication is a vital part of the session. You will have time during the consultation to discuss medical history, general health, life style, any issues that you would like to gain insight on, or the connections to patterns that you are re-living in this life which you would like to explore. The session can be recorded, so that you can refer back to your journey at any time and I will be taking written notes, which you may have a copy of. (These will be kept for a period of 7 years in a locked filing cabinet for only you and I to refer to.)


Where is it?

At Pure Sound, Mynydd Llandegai, Bangor, Gwynedd. 

Or online over Zoom.

Get in touch to arrange a session.

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