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Feeling the Squeeze.....

I don't think that this has been an easy ride for anyone.

Life has changed so much in the last year and like everyone else I have tried my best to flow along with the changes. At times it felt like I was grasping so tightly to the way things were, that earth and blood was collecting under my torn fingernails!

I was in shock for the first few weeks of lockdown in 2020, suddenly living 24/7 with my family and trying to home school three boys! My living/my passion ceased overnight and I didn't know how to reach out and help all the people that I serve. Many come to switch off from life, relax, become formless and dissolve into the web of life. Others tell me that the gongs have been a life line for them, alleviating physical pain, supporting their mental health, relieving anxiety and stress. I felt so bad that these people were left hanging, at a time when they could really have done with even more support.

I had to give myself space and time to process the shock, so I grounded and after grounding I grounded some more..... feet on the Earth and deep breathing through the nose and out through the mouth, down the body into the ground. That way all the excess charge I was holding could release back into the Earth. We often forget how we are electrical beings. Every cell holds electricity and currents of electromagnetic energy run through our bodies, fed by the energy from the Earth (negative charge) and the Sun/Universe (positive charge). Often the flow of the current and discharging that energy is hindered by the rubber on the souls of our shoes and there is built up of excess positive charge. This can result in health issues like inflammation, poor sleep and aches and pains. Search up "Grounding" or "Earthing" for more information and the science, there is so much you can do if walking barefoot all year round on the grass doesn't appeal (!), like grounding sheets for your bed, for example.

Throughout the lockdowns, I walked and walked and walked (sometimes barefoot). I'm so grateful for my dog!

The other piece of advice I received that really helped was to stop listening to the news. I dipped in and out of the internet for information when it felt relevant. I felt like I had more control this way and didn't absorb the collective energy of fear that was building and fuelled by the media. This really helped and I settled into the world of home schooling, taking the exhausted dog on endless walks and freeing my mind from the stats, the what ifs and all the fear.

What was the squeeze telling me?

It felt like the squeeze was now channelling me into a place where I could think and breath, where I could dream up my next move, to get the Gongs working again for the people.

I have always felt that no matter what is happening in my life, however dark it feels, there IS a positive aspect in there somewhere. It might be a bit buried, but it's there. We are lucky, everyone in the family has been healthy and (mostly) happy, so when my phone suddenly died, along with my laptop a week later, it was easy to focus in on the positive. I spent more than I should have on a whole bunch of tech, (we could live on rice and beans for a while,) so that I could potentially deliver the sessions over the wonderful web.

I'm not going to lie, this had previously filled me with absolute dread and was not something I was ever going to pursue! Why? Mainly because I live in the middle of nowhere and my studio is right at the end of the garden backing onto fields and the hills of Snowdonia. How on earth would I be able to deliver a class with brilliant sound quality???? Its never going to work, I thought. People want the real thing, they want to feel the gongs, I told myself. But then I thought about how we are our own Music Therapists and how we use our different play lists to shift our state of being all the time. It dawned on me....

You silly woman, I told myself, we don't stop listening to music just because we can't see the live band! Give it a go!

With this realisation I started recording sound meditations and built a YouTube Channel to host them. Just short 20 minute sessions, a power meditation, rather than the whole hour. Sometimes people feel guilty for gifting themselves space and time to spend on themselves, but I felt that 20mins might be achievable.

Then it was time to tinker with Zoom, so that I could begin to deliver live online sessions directly into peoples homes. It felt good to offer them as free sessions and accept donations if people benefited from them. The feedback was fantastic, with attendees loving the fact that they could receive a sound bath in the privacy of their own homes, feel all the same benefits and not have to step outside. People started to attend from all over the country.

Doing the in and out of lockdown dance, I managed to hold a hand full of classes outside; on the beach and in a lovely campsite during the Summer, as well as in some village halls, but the constant was the weekly online sessions. I held free classes for as long as I could, but by September it was time to start charging in order to pay the bills and put food on the table.

And now? Gratitude..

Yes, gratitude!

For those I love (including me) remaining well.

For being pushed out of my comfort zone.

For trying something new.

For staying grounded and spending time in nature.

For experimenting and understanding how we can connect through the Unified field and help one another in our wider Community.

For people believing in me and continuing to trust and support me and my work.

I am always looking for new ways to work and love to receive requests and suggestions from clients. Every week I now create short free sound meditations in line with the natural cycles and planetary alignments. They are uploaded on YouTube to support people with the oncoming week. Perfect if they don't have time to join a session online.

There is a subscription service launching shortly too..

Time now to wander off, breathe and ground.. again!

What about you? How have you been affected by the squeeze? Have you made your list of positives?

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