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“Keep something beautiful in your heart to survive difficult times and enjoy good times”

When I read this quote by John O'Donohue my whole body softened and it made me smile thinking about all the beautiful things I collect and hold in my heart, like a magpie gathering shiny trinkets. The latest ‘something beautiful’ was an experience that I had in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury on Friday. I was fighting off a cold this week and decided to cancel everything, so that I could rest and be well before my final weekend of Gong Teacher Training in Devon. I decided to stop off at Glastonbury along the way.

It’s a wonderful place, although crazy at times

,with a mixture of the powerful ley lines and the people it draws in. There are still spaces where you can be nurtured and held. The Chalice Well Gardens are like walking into another World, where you are encouraged to bath in the pool and sit in numerous beautifully crafted benches and chairs to pause and reflect. I was blessed with a mild and sunny Autumnal day and me being me, it didn’t take long to lose my shoes and socks and step into the healing waters, then walk the gardens slowly, mindfully and barefoot. Special places like this, where the Earth seems to emit a different, more powerful frequency, are so healing (in Scotland I have heard them call these spaces ‘thin’). When we connect to them, they seem to magnify our frequency, so we can really hear ourselves. There was still an abundance of nature; dragonflies, birds, squirrels and butterflies, so far away from the noisy crazy town beyond the walled garden. By the well you can pause and reflect silently and send out wishes or requests to the Universe. So I did. I shed a few tears and I was grateful. I left that little magical place feeling rested, lighter and grounded.

You don’t have to travel far to find these places on our planet. It is said that churches/temples/burial chambers etc are all built in places where the natural frequency of the Earth is more powerful. Our ancestors knew so much about the land and we have just forgotten. Rory Duff has been observing and measuring the frequencies for years, his work is fascinating if you feel drawn to learn more…

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